Would any admitted MD look at the final draft of my PS!!

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May 9, 2020
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I would very much appreciate if any admitted MD could look at my final draft and give me their thoughts!!

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I can give you some of my thoughts if you'd like ~
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Sorry for hijacking the post, but I have the same question. Would anyone admitted be willing to take a look at mine?
I’m happy to read - PM me a google doc link and where you are with it (final draft looking for a once-over, first draft that you’re still working through, close to final draft where you like the ideas but want wording help, etc)
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Ditto! PM me a google doc link, and I would be happy to review.
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Also happy to read personal statement and/or work and activities sections (include hours, put XXX for names). PM a google doc link giving me full edit permissions (and "anyone with link can edit"). I will use track changes.
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