Would becoming a scribe be a smart move in my situation (long post)?

Jan 5, 2014
I currently work as a pet sitter with varied hours (up to 2 hrs in the morning and 4 hrs in the evening counting driving, 7 day per week), and try to keep my class load around 12 credits. I have no doubt I would gain a lot of insight as a scribe into what doctors actually do, but I have some concerns:

1) The scribe position I am looking into requires two 8-hour shifts per week and they are overnight. Will the overnight part interfere too much with my ability to absorb information in school the next day (or not do something stupid in a lab due to lack of sleep)?

2) They require a one year commitment: Is this overkill in terms of actual shadowing hours required (also considering the overnight aspect)?

3) Would it be reasonable to expect I can still do a couple pet sits a day to just keep as many clients as I can until I have completed my scribe year (I have to continue working 30-40 hours per week either way)?

4) Will I need to supplement this with human volunteer work (I volunteer at the SPCA currently)? My understanding is that scribing does not really demonstrate the ability to help sick and injured people (I have had experience with this, but it was over a decade ago as a live-in caregiver one summer, and last time I checked the county could not locate my employment record).

5) This particular hospital does not allow job shadowing, so it will not lend itself (directly) to variation in shadowing experiences. How important is that variation if I've already spent a year doing scribe work?

Thank you all in advance for any bits of wisdom you can provide.


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Apr 7, 2013
1. One of my fav docs worked as a pet sitter. Major cool!

2. Scribe: Pros: You see the ED from the physician's perspective. Cons: No patient interaction.

3. One year commitment and overnight: You will be nonfunctional at 8 a.m. (I work the night shift so I know first hand). I think your year will go by fast.

4. I think you can work your live-in caregiving into your personal statement.

5. I think your scribe work will take care of the shadowing question.

If you want to get into the thick of patient care, ED Tech. If you just want some shadow time, scribe.

Wish you the best!!
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