Medical Would this be considered clinical volunteering?

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Mar 15, 2018
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I have been volunteering for a while as a tutor at a children's hospital where I visit the children's rooms and tutor them in a medical setting. I have the opportunity to watch various procedures being done and have met doctors/interacted with them. Would this be considered clinical or nonclinical volunteering? I read somewhere that if you are close enough to smell the patient that it can be considered clinical volunteering and while that would be true in my case, I'm still not completely sure whether this would be clinical volunteering since I'm not actively doing any medical work. I'd appreciate any clarification, thank you so much!!
Hi! I think you can clarify it either way! I would assess your application and see which area you need the most- do you need more clinical volunteering or non-clinical volunteering? Whichever one is lacking, categorize it as that.

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