Would truly appreciate your help guys - Master's vs. Post bacc?


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Aug 18, 2015
I graduated last May with a public health major and I need to still fulfill my required prerequisites for dental school. All I need to take are physics and organic chemistry with their associated labs. Given my low cumulative GPA (2.9), I'm considering taking these courses while pursuing a 1 year master program in either public health or oral health. The other option would be to just fulfill these prerequisites as a non matriculant student at my local university. I'm trying to figure out which decision would greater maximize my time and provide an earlier admission to dental school. So I have a just a few questions:

1. Is is possible to take undergraduate science courses while pursuing a 1 year master program or do you have to complete your dental pre-requisites first before applying for the master program?
2. What standardized tests are typically required for admission to master program?
3. Given my circumstance, which route (Take post-bacc courses vs. Master's program) would maximize my time and potentially provide early admittance to dental school?
Feb 21, 2014
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1. No I don't think so. A masters program will include graduate level classes.
2. GRE
3. I would do post bacc if I were you because you still have pre-reqs to take. No offense but because your low GPA, you will have to ACE these classes.

Also I have heard that it is more preferable to do a Masters in the biological sciences. An MPH would likely not prepare you as well for dental school as much as Biology for example.
Dec 24, 2013
Master's takes 1 year or 2 years, with or without thesis...thus delaying your entry into DS.
Do post-bacc... <3.0 is good for post-bacc while 3.0-3.5 is good for Masters (according to my pre-health advisor/my own research).
Ace organic chem/lab and physics/lab and take some easy classes to pump that GPA up. If you're more confident with organic/phsyics, take some more upper-level sciences. Good luck!
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