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Would you all apply with a 3.3 and 30> MCAT??

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Raptor, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. Raptor

    Raptor Found one 7+ Year Member

    Hey I was wondering if you all would apply with a 3.3 and 30+ MCAT's. These are all the factors that will be counted...good life experience, good upward trend (bad freshman year (2.7) and first semester sophmore year (1.667:eek: ) second semester sophomore year (3.75) and junior + senior year (4.0 each including Organic and Physics and upper division classes)), worked all 4 years of college in hospital, good clinical experience, research experience, lots of volunteering, involvement in clubs at school, at a no name school (wanted to stay close to home because my mom is single (mom is going to school) w/ little sister so wanted to help her, no family where we are living), disadvantaged (please no criticism, I know this isn't going to help), and URM (I didn't want to include this but I bet you guys want to know). I just want to become a doctor but unlike most of my peers who didn't have to overcome any obstacles in their life that may discourage them, I think that I more then ever have the desire to become a doctor.
    Please anybody tell me what you all will do. And please I don't want any sympathy, I just want the honest truth. Thank you.
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  3. vixen

    vixen I like members 10+ Year Member

    Oct 17, 2000
    upstate ny
    just curious, are you considering DO at all? I still think its worth a shot applying to both.
  4. Raptor

    Raptor Found one 7+ Year Member

    Well, I wasn't really considering DO. I have nothing wrong with DO but I always wanted to go the MD route. I am considering going to a post-bacc to raise my average gpa to about 3.5 and then apply. But do you all think that it would be worth my time and money to apply. I have heard poeple getting in with 3.1 and 3.0 and even sub 3's with terrible MCAT...I know most of it are just anecdoctal evidence.
  5. relatively prime

    relatively prime post happy member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2002
    Yeah, definitely apply... you have a great chance at many MD schools.

    Being a URM (and especially a Native American) with a 30+ MCAT is certainly going to help you a lot... I really think you'll get into at least one M.D. school (probably many).

    Just make sure you apply to a good range of schools... I can't emphasize that enough.

    good luck :)
  6. mpp

    mpp SDN Moderator Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Jan 17, 2001
    Portland, OR
    With a 3.3 / 30+ disadvantaged URM, you should not have difficulty finding a place in medical school. In fact, depending on what 30+ means (31 or 39), what your science GPA is (3.5+), the type of URM (native Americans are severely underrepresented) I would say that you could possibly pick your medical school. Best of luck...
  7. Focus

    Focus crazy!! 7+ Year Member

    Aug 27, 2001
    Hi Raptor,

    From your post, I think you are an excellent candidate for medical school. However, I would suggest that you apply to schools that don't require high GPA\MCATs. Try to find schools with an emphasis on essays. This way, you can elaborate on your life experiences - better informing the admissions committee on where you come from.

    Although I realize that applying to medical school is costly, you won't know if you'll get in or not unless you apply. Don't let saving a couple of thousand dollars and doubts change your entire life - you'll never know. Don't end up with 'what-ifs'

    - Focus
  8. Raptor

    Raptor Found one 7+ Year Member

    FYI- I am a African-American male (I don't know how much that helps). I will be 21 year old and if I do the post bacc then I will be 23/24 year old before entering medical school (by the grace of God). Do you know think that I should apply to schools like Duke (Dream school) because I plan on moving to North Carolina to establish residency.
    I don't only want them to accept me based on my origin. My life experience shows that I can overcome obstacles in my life. I was born in the USA but was sent to Africa when I as 2 months of age. This is a long story but living in Africa with the poverty of my family was rough. Due to a war, I had to be air lifted in 1990 because my life was threatened. I came back to this country without know how to read and write at an age of 8. Therefore, I was demoted down to the first grade at an age of 9 years old:( but I learned how to read fast and I excelled in school after that ordeal. To make a long story short, I was abled to skip the 3rd and 7th grade. But with the divorce of my parents when I was 15 years old in the 10 grade and 4th in my class, I had to grow up fast taking care of my little sister while my mom worked 15 hours a day. I had to sacrifice a lot of things when I was young in high school. I feel into depression because I thought there was no hope. Then come senior year I paid everything to apply to college and was accepted to many. But my mom discouraged me of going of stating that she needed help with my sister in a place that we don't have any family for help. So I decided to stay at a local college (accredited) that I simply hated and my first 1.5 years showed that I HATED and had no motivation. But I had to look at the big picture that I wanted to become a doctor and to do that I have to make good grades so thats when I started to make connections with advisor from different medical schools stating my experience. Also my life experience had showed me that I could do anything if I put my mind to it, thats when I started to do good my second semester sophmore year.
    Sorry for discussing this but I had to get it off my chest because again I don't want any sympathy but I been through some sh** that no one had been through because so many times I felt like giving up but its too late to give up.
  9. Raptor

    Raptor Found one 7+ Year Member

    Thank you Focus, I are right about the application process being costly, so it will be in my best interest to probably work and wait a year. I have no help from my mom because she is in school and don't know how to pay for her bills. So all the finances is on me and I don't think that i will have the money for those applications. Are there any advice.
  10. Spiderman [RNA Ladder 2003]

    Spiderman [RNA Ladder 2003] Platinum Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 8, 2002
  11. trout

    trout Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    The great blue ocean
    Yeah I definitely think you are close enough to the average GPA of school's it won't hurt you that much. Also the 30+ on the mcats is respectable. However, I would try to cut out *some* of the sympathy vote out of your personal statement (you have overcome enormous obstacles, you realize want them to know who you are not to feel bad for you) Also try applying to albany medical college, they give tuition waivers *I think* to every URM...good luck!
  12. Dr JPH

    Dr JPH Banned Banned 10+ Year Member

    Feb 4, 2000
    If waiting a year and working is in YOUR best interest, then by all means do it.

    It cost me only $700 to apply to schools. I say ONLY because I have friends who spent thousands.

    As long as your MCAT scores are not old (I think most schools require them to be within the last 3 years) then waiting a year really cannot hurt your chances.

    Once you are accepted, you can basically get all of the money you want. I was not denied any loans.

    Good luck!
  13. mpp

    mpp SDN Moderator Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Jan 17, 2001
    Portland, OR
    I think many schools offer tuition waivers to disadvantaged URM's. I also think your cross-cultural background will be an asset as it will set you apart from others.

    As far as applying to Duke, or course do so. In fact, apply to all the schools that you might want to attend. You have little to lose except for some application fees, possible interview costs, and some time. This is a small price to pay to not have to spend the rest of your life wondering 'but what if I had applied to so and so...' However, don't just stretch youself and apply to only 'top' schools (what exactly is 'top' is certainly up for debate, but you get the idea). You'll get a great medical education at almost any medical school (don't forget the osteopathic ones either). As others have suggested, applying to a range of schools is the smartest move.
  14. exigente chica

    exigente chica 7+ Year Member

    May 28, 2002
    Do it! Apply. You have a rich life and lots to offer. Adcom love people who have something else to offer. Apply to a variety of schools, some low tier and some long shots.

    Good luck:clap:
  15. dtreese

    dtreese Caramel Gollum 10+ Year Member

    Apr 23, 2001
    KY, The Jelly State
    I'm not just considering it -- I am. Hope we both get in, Raptor.
  16. Intrepidation

    Intrepidation I wear PASG underwear 7+ Year Member

    Jul 25, 2001
    3.3 and 30+?

    After an abyssmal first year, that is exactly what I am aiming for. A high MCAT plus a ton of clinical is what I am going to use to compensate, and based on your resume, I would expect you to get in. Maybe not a top 10 school, but I'm only wanting to go to a state MS so i'll take your stats anyday :D
  17. MD4real

    MD4real Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 22, 2002
    Definitely apply. With your academic and personal background, you will get into at least one med school.
  18. Raptor

    Raptor Found one 7+ Year Member

    I just got back at a hard third shift in the ER, feeling kind of tired when I looked at this thread. I just want to say thank you all for all the support, YOU ALL definetly made my morning. You all are the kind of doctors that I would want to have:). Thanks again for all the support. Talk to yall later, after working 12 hours all I can do is collapse near my bed. :rolleyes:
  19. Sweet Tea

    Sweet Tea Girl Next Door Physician 10+ Year Member


    I'm gonna cast my vote and say you should apply. With the incredibly strong upward trend, great ECs and strong MCAT score, you should get lots of interviews and more than one acceptance. I would suggest that you apply to A LOT of schools (upper and lower tiers-- you never know), and you can probably get fee waivers on most of the secondary apps.

    Best of luck, Raptor-- I'm pulling for you! And if you really want to go to Dook, then I hope you get in. Personally, I hate the school but that's because I'm a rabid Tar Heel.:laugh: But if it's your dream school, then definetly apply.

    Once again, best of luck!!
  20. md03

    md03 Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 24, 2000
    Absolutely. I got in with about 3.15 GPA and >30 MCAT. I had to apply twice and take some extra classes in that second year, but still... AND I'm MUCH older than you (late 30's when I started med school).

    I think you are wise to take a year to work and save money, even two years if need be. You may want to meet with an admissions representative at the med school nearest you BEFORE you apply - go in full interview dress, bring all your credentals and ask for advice on how to make your application as strong as possible. That is one thing I didn't do, and wish I had, might have saved myself some money by taking those extra classes and then applying.

    When you write you personal statement, include some of the story of your life as an example of how you overcome. Then have several people who will give you a brutally honest opinon read it to make sure it doesn't sound whiney. You've got a great story, and as long as it is presented well can work to your advantage (but one must always be careful when discussing one's past woes!)

    Good luck.
  21. DarkChild

    DarkChild Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    New York
    I'm not so sure about taking time off. I think you should only if you have a definitive game plan - and a good one.
    I think you stand a decent shot at respectable schools, but give your grades/MCATs - almost everything is going to hinge on your essay and more importantly your LORs. PArticularly the LORs have to be fukking sparkling.
    But even with so so LORs - I think you stand a decent shot. Just make sure you apply across the board.
    And you really might like a D.O school. The D.O school vs. MD school really gave me a new appreciation for osteopathic medicine and I have two friends who are doing it and REALLY like it.
    g'luck - keep us informed
  22. Barton

    Barton Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 28, 2001
    Minneapolis, MN
    I applied last year with a 3.35 and a >30 MCAT, and I got into 3 schools. I didn't even have the upward trend your describe (or early grades as low as yours, though either). Give it a shot. It's possible; it depends on the rest of your application.
  23. 2badr

    2badr **Switch** 10+ Year Member

    Mar 27, 2001
    After what I have learned so far I would apply- depending of course on the rest of my app.
  24. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg 1K Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 19, 2002

    what exactly was ur mcat? the diff between a 30 and 33 is huge, and even between a 33 and 35 is huge. That info will make it all the more easier for us to advise you :)

    also, breakdown of verbal, PS, BS, and essay.

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