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Help me come up with names for these "milestones" in medical school and residency that could be made into XBox One Achievements. Of course, we can always invent any new ones that I am missing.... (if it is blank, then it's missing a name). Yes I have too much time on my hands.



100G - Student Doctor
(Begin your first day of medical school)
05G - Street Cred
(Officially change your SDN or r/medicalschool status from "Pre-medical" to "Medical Student"/"M1")
05G - The Ropes
(Complete medical school orientation)
05G - Foxhole Buddy
(Successfully befriend a new classmate) - @Lev0phed
05G - I See Dead People
(Attend your first anatomy lab dissection) - @Lev0phed
05G - Tool of the Trade
(Purchase your first stethoscope)
10G - I Know Some of These Words...
(Pass the first block of exams in M1)
05G - Dog & Pony Show
(Attend the "White Coat" ceremony)
05G - Clan Consult
(Be solicited by a family member or friend for medical advice for the first time)
20G - Drinking the Fire Hose
(Complete the first half of M1 year)

50G - To Zanzibar By Motor Car
(Complete your final M1 anatomy lab dissection and practical exam)
20G - Strong Foundation
(Pass the final block of exams in M1)
50G - One Last Summer
(Complete M1 year)


20G - Robbers and Cole Train
(Start M2 year)
05G - Roadmap
(Watch your first Pathoma lecture)
05G - Elder Counsel
(As an M2, obtain advice from an upperclassman on Step I study strategies)
05G - This Goes... Where?
(Begin clinical skills training)
05G - Playacting
(Complete your first OSCE)
05G - Winter is Coming
(Register for USMLE Step I)
20G - Calm Before the Storm
(Complete the first half of M2 year)
10G - Endurance
(Complete all NBME subject exams of M2 year)
10G - Best of Times, Worst of Times
(Begin full-time studying for USMLE Step I) - @GoodWillShunting

50G - To the Tower
(Complete the final day of studying for USMLE Step I)
50G - In For a Penny...
(Complete the first half of medical school)
100G - The Tower Crumbles
(Pass USMLE Step I)


20G - Don't Let the Coat Fool You
(Start M3 year)
05G - Arbitrary
(Obtain your first subjective evaluation of M3)
05G - ...With a History of...
(Present your first patient of M3 year)

05G - Ants Go Marching
(As an M3, attend formal teaching rounds for the first time)
10G - Keep the Hand Strong
(Answer a pimp question correctly) - @OnePunchBiopsy
10G - Five Fingers
(Answer a pimp question incorrectly) - @OnePunchBiopsy
05G - Cold Shoulder
(Have a patient refuse to see you as a medical student)
05G - Gomers Never Die
(Start M3 Internal Medicine clerkship)
10G - As Much Nothing As Possible
(Complete M3 Internal Medicine clerkship)
05G - 4:00AM
(Start M3 Surgery clerkship) - @mejorization
05G - To Cut is to Cure
(Scrub in on your first surgery)
10G - Cold as Steel
(Complete M3 Surgery clerkship)
05G - It's a Viral Process
(Start M3 Pediatrics clerkship) - @mejorization
10G - Patch Adams
(Complete M3 Pediatrics clerkship)
05G - Into the Breech
(Start M3 OB/GYN clerkship)
10G - Buy New Shoes
(Complete M3 OB/GYN clerkship) - @mejorization
05G - Bleeding Heart
(Start M3 Family Medicine clerkship)
10G - Family Matters
(Complete M3 Family Medicine clerkship)
05G - Reaction Formation
(Start M3 Psychiatry clerkship)
10G - Delusions of Grandeur
(Complete M3 Psychiatry clerkship) - @mejorization
20G - Emerald City Ahead
(Start your final clerkship of M3 year)
50G - That's a Wrap
(Complete your final clerkship exam of M3 year)
100G - Sic Parvis Magna
(Complete M3 year)


20G - Long Service Medal
(Start M4 year)
50G - The Hammer Falls

(Pass USMLE Step II CK)
05G - Paid the Vig
(Register for USMLE Step II CS)
10G - The Reaping
(Register for the Match)
10G - Signed, Sealed, Delivered
(Submit completed ERAS application)
50G - The Hand is Severed

(Pass USMLE Step II CS)
05G - Try-Outs
(Complete an M4 subinternship)
05G - Getting the Read
(Attend your first residency interview)
100G - All In

(Submit your final rank list for the Match)
20G - Alea Iacta Est
(Start the period between the deadline for rank list certification and the Match)
05G - Convalescence
(Begin your first vacation block of M4)
05G - Prime Time
(Arrive for the Match Day celebration at your school)

100G - Gryffindor!
(Match a residency program)
05G - In the Red Zone
(Start your final rotation of M4)
05G - Game, Set, and Match
(Complete your final rotation of M4)

200G - Doctor of Medicine
(Graduate from medical school)


100G - All Children Grow Up
(Begin orientation before internship year begins)
100G - D-Day
(Arrive at the hospital on July 1st of your intern year)
05G - I'm the Doctor
(As an intern, admit your first patient) - @Siggy
05G - Ticket to Ride
(As an intern, discharge your first patient)
05G - License to Pill
(As an intern, write your first official prescription or drug order)
20G - Into That Good Night
(As an intern, arrive for your first shift on Night Float)
10G - Dark and Full of Terrors
(Respond to your first overnight code blue) - @pharmrx33

05G - Worst That Could Happen?
(As an intern, make your first management decision without consulting your senior or attending)
05G - They Can Always Hurt You More
(As an intern, tactfully avoid a verbal argument with a nurse)
05G - The Pilltorian Guard
(As an intern, ask the pharmacist a question for the first time or have a pharmacist save you from harming a patient)

50G - House Officer
(Survive your first month of internship)
05G - Hotel Hospital
(As an intern, fall asleep in the hospital for the first time)
05G - Fat Man Knows Best
(As an intern, receive a magnanimous informal evaluation or pep talk from your senior resident or fellow)
05G - Shore Leave
(Start your first vacation of intern year)
05G - Making the Cut
(As an intern, have your contract renewed for PGY-2)
200G - Electrolyte Gatekeeper

(Complete PGY-1 year) - @PlutoBoy


10G - Veteran Service Medal
(Begin PGY-2 year of residency)
10G - Days Gone By
(Complete your first rotation of PGY-2)
05G - A Little Action on the Side
(As a PGY-2, obtain permission to moonlight) - @Mad Jack

10G - House of Cards
(As a PGY-2, be the most senior in-house physician for your service overnight or weekend shift)
05G - Make it Rain
(Deposit your first moonlighting check)
05G - Age Plus BUN
(As a PGY-2 resident, formulate your first treatment plan with intern(s) you are supervising)
50G - Another One in the Bag

(Complete PGY-2 year of residency)


10G - Seniority Has Its Privileges
(Begin your final year of residency)
10G - New Sheriff in Town
(As a senior resident, be assigned a group of interns, medical students, and/or mid-levels to supervise)
10G - Mega Training
(Apply for a fellowship program)

50G - Arch Lector
(Lead morning report or noon conference or deliver a lecture to medical students and/or fellow residents for the final time before completing residency)
20G - No Breaks on this Train
(Match into a fellowship program) - @Mad Jack
200G - Ran the Gauntlet
(Complete residency)


10G - Back in the Saddle
(Start fellowship training)
10G - Expert Opinion
(As a fellow, receive your first consultation request)
10G - Beloved of the Moon
(As a fellow, complete your first moonlighting shift)

50G - Boarded
(Pass your residency specialty's board certification examination)
200G - A Fine Fellow
(Complete fellowship)

Special achievements
  • 50G - Late Registration
    • (With no acceptances, matriculate to medical school by getting off a waitlist within 1 week of class beginning)
  • 50G - Meat Tornado
    • (Gain acceptance to a U.S. medical school despite having an institutional action on your record) - in honor of retirement of @MeatTornado
  • 50G - Against All Odds
    • (As a foreign IMG, successfully Match a residency program in your chosen specialty)
  • 50G - Homecoming
    • (As a U.S. citizen IMG, successfully Match a residency program in your chosen specialty)
  • 20G - Fire Proof
  • 20G - Ate the Poop Hotdog
  • 100G - Milhouse Van Houten Award
    • (Create a timeless, epic SDN thread)
  • 20G - Winged Scapula
    • (Match into surgery as a female medical student) - in honor of @Winged Scapula
  • 20G - Home Grown Talent
    • (Match into a residency program at your medical school)
  • 100G - All Killer, No Pfiller
  • 20G - Spirit of Hypatia
  • 50G - Water Boarded
    • (Become board certified in OB/GYN)
  • 20G - Welcome to Hogwarts
    • (Matriculate at a U.S. osteopathic medical school)
  • 100G - Made It
    • (Secure your first job out of residency/fellowship)
Miscellaneous achievements:
  • 5G - ...Made in Heaven
  • 5G - Hands On
    • (As an osteopathic medical student, be forced to remove clothing in OMM lab)
  • 5G - A Bridge Too Far
    • (Start a relationship with someone in your class and have it end... horribly)
  • 5G - Bueller?
    • (Skip your first lecture in medical school) - @Mad Jack
  • 10G - Perfect Attendance
    • (Be present for every lecture during M1 and M2 year)
  • 5G - Calling an Audible
    • (Switch your residency of choice after September 1 of M4)
  • 5G - Bone Wizard
    • (As an osteopathic medical student, be asked by an MD student or resident to perform OMM on them
  • 5G - Peter Pan Syndrome
    • (Remain undecided about residency choice through the first day of M4)
  • 5G - Displacement
    • (As a resident, yell at a coworker or medical student)
  • 5G - Where the Sun Don't Shine
    • (Perform your first rectal exam) - @PlutoBoy
  • 5G - Taking Care of the Playground
    • (Perform your first pelvic exam) - @PlutoBoy
  • 5G - Call a Cab?
    • (As a resident, be so tired that you fail to find your car)
  • 5G - Government-Owned
    • (Graduate from medical school with over $200,000 in debt)
  • 5G - Prospector
  • 5G - Groundskeeper
    • (Perform you 100th pelvic exam)
  • 5G - Gone Fishing
    • (As an M4, leave a rotation early without permission)
  • 5G - Mutiny on the Bounty
    • (As a resident, have a nurse tell you, "I'll lose my license!" if he/she carries out your order) - @alpinism
  • 5G - NARCOS
    • (As a medical student, obtain an H&P from a drug-seeker) - @OnePunchBiopsy
  • 5G - Social Justice Warrior
    • (Become an even bigger left-winger at graduation than you were at matriculation)
  • 5G - Reality Sets In
    • (Become a much more conservative by graduation than you were at matriculation)
  • 5G - Kids These Days
    • (As a PGY-2, field a complaint about the incompetence of the new 'terns from the nursing staff)
  • 5G - Game of Throws
    • (Fail a test during M1 or M2 by refusing to study)
  • 5G - Burnett's Law
    • (As a medical student, have someone on SDN tell you that you will be a bad doctor)
  • 5G - Friendly Fire
    • (Experience a gunner try to present your patient on rounds or answer a softball pimp question directed at you)
  • 5G - Avoid All Mirrors
    • (As a female medical student, use extra time during an exam week to study instead of primp yourself)
  • 10G - Top Prospect
    • (Earn honors on an M4 subinternship/audition rotation)
  • 10G - Thespian
    • (Complete your final OSCE in medical school)
  • 5G - Altering the Deal
  • 5G - If I Were a Rich Man
    • (As a resident, deposit your first paycheck) - @Siggy
  • 10G - Only Triples My Work...
    • (Get yelled at by resident or attending)
  • 5G - Don't Call Me Shirley
    • (Call a male patient "ma'am" or "miss") - @Mad Jack
  • 5G - The Bearded Lady
    • (Call a female patient "sir" or "mister") - @Mad Jack
  • 5G - The Feminine Mystique
  • 5G - Doppelganger
    • (As a medical student, be mistaken for a doctor)
  • 5G - Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde
    • (Get assaulted by a psychotic patient on M3 psychiatry clerkship) - @GoodWillShunting
  • 5G - Remove Your Watch
    • (Perform a manual fecal disimpaction on M3 surgery clerkship)
  • 10G - Catch!
    • (Deliver a baby on M3 OB/GYN clerkship)
  • 10G - The Company Ink
    • (Date a nurse you met on M3/M4 rotations) - @Mad Jack
  • 10G - Misery Loves Company
    • (Date a resident you met on M3/M4 rotations) - @Mad Jack
  • 20G - Big Game Hunter
  • 10G - Need the Neuralyzer
    • (As a senior resident, do something that you'd rather the med students and interns not emulate)
  • 5G - Stairway to Heaven
    • (Consult palliative care or hospice) - @Mad Jack
  • 10G - Don't Fear the Reaper
    • (100th consult to palliative care or hospice) - @Mad Jack
  • 10G - Hematologist/Oncologist
    • (200th consult to palliative care or hospice) - @PlutoBoy
  • 5G - See One, Do One, Teach One
    • (As a resident, teach a medical student a procedure)
  • 5G - Most Dangerous Game
    • (As a resident, purposefully write an order with the intention of pissing off the nursing staff)
  • 5G - Soft Admit
    • (As a medicine resident, argue with the E.D. over a questionable admission)
  • 5G - Blink Dagger
    • (As a resident or fellow, sneak past the nurses station without being noticed by the people trying to page you)
  • 5G - Eye of the Beholder
    • (As an E.M. resident, argue with medicine or other consultant over what they deem is a questionable admission)
  • 5G - Plucks for Days
  • 10G - Checked Out
    • (After successfully Matching, leave your clinical rotation site before noon on five consecutive days)
  • 10G - Gunning for Pride
    • (After successfully Matching, do a rotation that is difficult or time-consuming)
  • 10G - Earned It
    • (After successfully Matching, spend an average of 6 hours or more a day until graduation or internship playing video games or watching TV)
  • 10G - Hotel California
    • (As a resident, sleep overnight in the hospital for the 100th time) - @Mad Jack
  • 20G - Surgical Resident
    • (As a resident, sleep overnight in the hospital for the 200th time)
  • 5G - A Grand Design
    • (Match into the same residency specialty that you predicted before starting medical school)
  • 5G - An Enemy Destroyed Cannot Rise Against You
    • (Preemptively make the class Gunner look like a fool in front of an attending before they have the chance to do the same to you)
  • 5G - Strategic Deployment
    • (As an M3/M4, carefully maneuver around your attending or resident so as not be assigned any new patients near the end of the day)
  • 5G - Master of the Dark Arts
    • (Obtain the grade of honors in an M4 radiology sub-internship)
  • 5G - Fresh Snap
    • (Crack ribs during chest compressions for the first time) - @Crayola227
  • 5G - PC Load Letter
    • (Make your first complaint about the hospital EMR system) - @QualityProcess
  • 5G - Fool Me Once...
    • (Successfully re-mediate a failed course or pass any of the USMLE Steps after an initial failed attempt) - @FutureMrDr
  • 5G - Fellowship of the Bling
    • (As a fellow, make double your annual base salary in a single year by moonlighting)
  • 5G - With Guns A-Blazing
    • (Get back-stabbed by a fellow medical student) - @Anicetus
  • 5G - Hard Carry
    • (Answer most of the questions for your team in a TBL exercise)
  • 5G - Ghost Writer
    • (As a medical student, have the resident or attending copy/paste your entire note including A/P without editing) - @r/medicalschool
  • 5G - You're Killin' Me, Smalls
    • (As an M3, ask a simple question on the wards that even other M3s know the answer to)
  • 5G - First Blood
    • (During any year of medical school, successfully put in your first IV) - @MSTP18
  • 5G - Let it Go
    • (Put in your first Foley catheter) - @MSTP18
  • 5G - Taxi Driver
    • (Successfully maneuver a patient's stretcher from holding to OR or OR to PACU without hitting something or coming to a full stop)
  • 10G - Lord of the Skies
    • Be asked to render emergency medical care during a flight. - @rabbott1971
  • 5G - Hotel Check-In Clerk
    • Match into an emergency medicine residency
  • 10G - Last Argument of Kings
    • Get hired by your training program's chief competitor - @Lev0phed
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All of Time & Space
some sort of achievement when as an intern you order something otherwise fatal/severely bad for a patient that only gets caught because of pharmacy

one for the first time you crack ribs during chest compressions

are so tired you can't find your car in the parking lot/bang up your car
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while opening the thread I thought facepalm but after reading I'm actually pretty impressed
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20G- Keep Your Pimp Hand Strong
Get 10 pimp questions correct.

5G- "What Did The 5 Fingers Say To The Face?"
Get 10 pimp questions wrong

Obtain an H&P from a drug-seeker
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Send a patient to inpatient hospice:

10G - In Jesus' waiting room

Send 10 patients to inpatient hospice:

50G - Preaching the gospel

Send 100 patients to inpatient hospice:

100G - The undertaker

Send 200 patients to hospice:

200G - Hematologist/Oncologist

Mad Jack

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100 G- Wizard on the Wards
(Graduate residency)

Here is a new one: (As a resident, purposefully write an order with the intention of pissing off the nursing staff)

(As an M4 or intern, receive a magnanimous informal evaluation or lecture from a senior resident)

(As an medicine resident, argue with the E.D. over a questionable admission)

(As a surgical resident, attend to a frustratingly unnecessary or asinine consult)
[Thank You For Allowing Me To Participate In The Care Of This Most Interesting Patient]
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