XP: Temple - makeup of Pharm.D. classes: gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic

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Feb 23, 2005
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I interviewed @ Temple yesterday. I'm white. An Asian friend who interviewed in the same group as I did (happy coincidence - we didn't know we'd be running into each other during the process) mentioned during the tour that there were a lot of Asian people. I just thought, maybe it just seems that way because there are usually a lot of whites in the region's K-12 Catholic school system, as well as the public/private colleges and universities, so seeing a nonwhite group represented by more than one or two members seems weird till you realize that. I mean, from looking at my grade school, high school, or undergrad student bodies, you would think that the area's population was 99% white, with the other 1% made up of Asian students and with only two or three African-American students if ANY in a given classroom. There was only one black teacher at my large high school, and very, very few at my undergrad school.

I didn't have a lot of diversity in my 12 years of Catholic school or in my undergrad, and I don't think she did either. We both grew up in the same area and attended similar schools. But the observation piqued my curiosity about the gender, ethnic, socioeconomic breakdowns in Temple's admitted Pharm.D. student body. Does anyone have insight on this - do you find their student body to truly be diverse, to be weighted towards or against any one group, and so forth?
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