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Yale News

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Jonny-5, Aug 13, 2001.

  1. Jonny-5

    Jonny-5 Member
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    Jul 21, 2001
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    Just got this....Dear Yale Applicant:

    I am writing to bring you up to date on the AMCAS situation in so far as
    it might affect your application to the Yale School of Medicine and to
    address some important issues that have been raised by applicants over
    the past few days. (The items are numbered for easy reference.)

    1) AMCAS Application Status: With regard to the status of your AMCAS
    application, it is important to understand the difference between
    "submission" and "transmission." Even though you might successfully
    have submitted your AMCAS application, it has not yet been transmitted
    to Yale. We only know that you have applied to Yale via AMCAS because,
    in response to on-going technical problems with its web-based
    application, AMCAS has provided applicant contact information to medical
    schools via an alternate process.

    2) Yale Application Status: In other words, despite what you might
    think, you are not in our database as an applicant for 2002 unless you
    have submitted your Yale Supplemental Application via our on-line
    process (http://info.med.yale.edu/medadmit/).

    3) Transition Procedures: In view of technical difficulties with the
    AMCAS 2002 application and protracted transmission delays from AMCAS, we
    have devised optional "Transition Procedures" to enable applicants to
    jump-start Yale's evaluation process. These procedures seem to be
    working well so far, and we are pleased that so many applicants have
    found them helpful, but you should understand that this is truly
    optional. If you prefer to wait for AMCAS to transmit your application
    in a "normal" manner, you may certainly do so. We do not have rolling
    admissions. As long as you meet our deadlines, you will neither gain
    nor lose any advantage by using (or not using) our Transition
    Procedures. (For additional information, please see: http://medapps05.med.yale.edu/ows-msa/Transition.htm.)

    4) Academic Record and MCAT Scores: After submitting your AMCAS
    application, it goes though what AMCAS calls "processing," which means
    that your academic information is confirmed by AMCAS, and your MCAT
    scores are added to your AMCAS electronic file. This "processing" might
    have occurred even though your application has not yet been transmitted
    to Yale or other medical schools. When you print your AMCAS
    application, if your academic record and MCAT scores appear, you do not
    need to send separate transcripts or MCAT scores reports in conjunction
    with our Transition Procedures. If your academic record and MCAT score
    sections are blank, this means that your application has not yet been
    "processed" by AMCAS, and you should send (unofficial) copies of your
    transcripts and MCAT scores to Yale if you are following our Transition

    5) Order of applying: Yale does not "screen" AMCAS applications. All
    AMCAS applicants are invited to submit a Yale Supplemental Application,
    either before or after submitting an AMCAS application. The evaluation
    of your application will begin as soon as everything has arrived – in
    whatever form and whatever order.

    6) Status Checks: It is simply impossible for us to check the status of
    your application over the telephone or by e-mail. However, if you have
    submitted your Yale Supplemental Application, you will eventually be
    able to check your status on line
    (http://medapps05.med.yale.edu/ows-msa/status.htm). I say "eventually"
    because it takes time for us to bring the status-check site up to date.
    Please be patient.

    7) "Complete" Yale Applications: If you are using our Transition
    Procedures, and if your application has moved into what we call the
    "review" stage, you will see this indicated in the status-check site as
    "Complete and in review." However, your application won't actually be
    complete in a final sense until we receive the official transmission
    from AMCAS. We now think that transmissions may start by early
    September, but even if that happens, it will take many weeks for AMCAS
    to catch up with the backlog. We will both have to be patient!

    8) Checks not yet cashed: Do not be concerned if your application fee
    check has not yet been cashed, and please do not stop payment. Because
    of the unusual nature of this year's procedures, our routine system for
    recording financial information has been slowed to a crawl. We will
    process checks as quickly as we can.

    9) Please hit the "submit" button: A number of applicants have sent to
    Yale their printed AMCAS application and supporting material, and sent
    the Certification Page and application fee as required in our
    Supplemental Application, but they have not yet actually submitted their
    Supplemental Application on line. If you have finished with the Yale
    Supplemental Application, please remember to hit the all-important
    "submit" button so the evaluation process can move forward.

    Finally, I want to thank you for applying to the Yale School of Medicine
    and for the great effort you have already put into your application.
    Please let us know if we can be of assistance in any way.


    Richard A. Silverman
    Director of Admissions
  2. USeF

    USeF sunny L.A.
    10+ Year Member

    Jun 13, 2001
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    man, this e-mail was so chalk full of info on the whole process as it's going this summer, that I sent it to my pre-med advisor, figuring it could help her answer questions to paranoid pre-meds ;)
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  3. mongoose

    mongoose Membership Revoked

    Dec 1, 2000
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    its chock full...learn your ethnic and racial slurs properly
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