Yale regains accreditation

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    From News from the AMA

    5. Surgical Residents: Yale-New Haven will keep Accreditation

    Yale-New Haven Hospital's surgical residency program has improved working conditions enough to keep its accreditation, according to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the group that oversees doctors' training, the AP/Hartford Courant reports. The program's accreditation was extended for two years, during which time the residency program will be subject to "more rigorous standards" (Scarponi,
    AP/Hartford Courant, 10/29).

    The accreditation council announced in May that it would remove its seal of approval from Yale-New Haven's general surgery residency program next year unless the program improved working conditions for residents. The board raised concerns that surgical residents often work more than 100 hours per week and sometimes spend every other night at the hospital (American Health Line, 5/20). The residency program has hired additional physicians' assistants and other support staff to relieve residents of "menial but time-consuming" tasks such as paperwork, according to the AP/Courant. In addition, the approximately 50 surgical residents in Yale's programs now are barred from working more than 80 hours per week and any longer than a 24-hour shift.

    If the program's accreditation had not been renewed, it would have lost federal funds and surgical residents would have had to participate in other programs because they must complete an accredited program to receive their medical licenses. The accreditation council plans to make mandatory shift limits a requirement in its national guidelines by July.

    2003 (AP/Hartford Courant, 10/29).
    [American Health Line 10-29-02]
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    It will be interesting to see how the 80 hour/week affects Yale.....Perhaps a positive sign of things to come......

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