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yale vs bid vs uchicago?


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Apr 29, 2004
    I can comment on two, Yale vs. BID.

    Personally, I really liked Yale's program. But at this point...I have liked several programs a great deal. I have identified pros and cons at every place I've been, and think that education and fellowship placement would be superb at any of my top 5-6 places...so it is coming down to where I want to live, and there are several places I would rather live than New Haven. Some positives about Yale...I was told by one of the chief's that the PD works incredibly hard to facilitate a good experience for every resident. He surely was impressive, even inspiring, on my interview day...somebody I'd really like to get to know. And I was impressed at how involved the Chair of Medicine (interim albeit) was in the interview day--he seemed like a wonderful person, and someone I'd feel very comfortable interacting with. Impressive international program, better than you'll find anywhere else. Residents seemed to like the place, but their enthusiasm did not stand out. They have a VA, which I always consider a plus. I've read some questionable comments about their fellowship placements on this site, but reading over their list I thought they do great, as good as anybody really. Downsides #'s 1-3 for me are New Haven x 3. Also, ancillary services seemed to be mediocre.

    I loved BID and plan to rank them very highly. Loved Boston, very enthusiastic and sharp residents, so-so AM conference, and like Yale, they're soon to be in-between dept chairs. Harvard affiliation is always nice, and I hear the educational experience there is excellent. I like their call schedule, computer system, and everybody said how friendly and competent the nurses where...always nice. Some reviews have mentioned that the PD is somewhat aloof, I did not get this impression, but I have a superficial "interview day" impression at that. I guess I'm struggling to assess the academic reputation of BID. Yes, it's a Harvard teaching hospital, and yes, it's the seems to be the lesser of the three in terms of reputation. So all I really know then is that it's not MGH or BWH. So...is on the same level as the Yale/Cornell as your thread might indicate? Is on the same level with Penn? Brown? As far as the program and the town, I'm satisfied...but as far as future academic opportunities, fellowship placement, on where does BID sit?


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      boolaboo said:
      any ideas? need help!

      In terms of reputation for fellowships, Yale and U Chicago are pretty similar for medicine, with BID somewhere below (great if you want to stay in Boston, but much harder to get a good fellowship elsewhere). So if you're looking for the best training and location matters, then I think of Chicago wins hands down. Awesome city (much better than New Haven) , great training (on par with Yale), and strong fellowship placement (much better nationally than BID).
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