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Yeditepe Dentistry graduates can work in EU

Discussion in 'Europe' started by bidiboom, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. bidiboom

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    Jul 13, 2011
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    Yeditepe University, Istanbul/Turkey, is a private and one of the top quality schools in Turkey, and Yeditepe Dentistry Faculty is the best in dentistry (the intro video tells better what it means). Actually Turkey is not an EU member, but the graduates of Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty can work in EU countries directly, without any additional licensure procedure, if they are the citizens of one of the EU member countries. This common ground is coming from both the accreditation of the faculty by ADEE ( Association of Dental Education in Europe), and the cooperation among the member countries, under the umbrella of European Federation of Periodontology, EFP:
    Yeditepe University | Accreditation

    By the way, in Turkey, these kind of high quality, prestigious universities are very well organized and legally flawless (though we dont have those kind of problems in general in any university, public or private; but top-notch ones are exceptionally careful). To give an idea over a common image, I can dare say that, in dentistry Yeditepe is like Harvard of US (but in medicine, a public school, Hacettepe is the Top1.)

    Dentistry faculty intro video:
    Untitled Document

    Yeditepe University | Courses

    International applicants:
    Yeditepe √úniversitesi

    The tuition fees for international students:
    Dentistry : 50.000TL-appr. $27.800/year (5-year program)
    Medicine : 40.000TL-appr.$22.000/year (6-year program)

    Discount: for the IB owners with an average of 32 or over, and for the Abitur owners with an average of 2 or over, there is 25% discount.
    (this is in Turkish, but still for reference, I got the info from this page: http://www.yeditepe.edu.tr/ogrenci-kabul/burslar )

    By the way, the dentistry faculty and hospital are in the city and in a select neighbourhood (if it is still in the same place they were). This is the map of Istanbul Metropolis Municipality:
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