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you can say my teacher was mean

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Nov 22, 2004
    So, Im almost complete with all my pre-reqs for Medical School. My Science GPA is decent @ a 3.75. However, back when I was just begining to take courses. I took Bio 1...

    While working full time and taking this class, it was pretty tough to show up on time all the time, but I made it work. The day of the final I had to stay late at my job and finish some things up. I was going to be late to my final... I got there about 20-30 minutes late and asked the teacher for my final exam. She told me I couldnt take it because this was the final, and you had to be on time to take it... Sadly, this resulted in an F for that class.

    I have since then taken the class over and received an "A" (which is what i was going into with the first time around). I know the "A" takes precedence over the "F" but it is still on my transcript....

    How do you think admissions committes will look at this????

    im freaked out, someone help.
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