Your predicted score v. Your actual score

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May 31, 2006
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This has been discussed a few times, but with all the scores released in the last few days, the upcoming weeks, and the current test-takers, I wanted to bring it up again.

We all try to predict our scores based on our practice tests and how we felt walking out of the test center. How accurate were you?

For myself:

Test taken: May 11th, 2007.
Predicted Total: 27 or 28
Actual Total: 31 (I think this was the average of my practice exams)

PS: I felt AWFUL coming out of the test about this section. I could usually predict my practice score pretty well based on how I felt when I completed a section. Literally, the only time I felt this bad about the PS section on a practice test I scored a 7.

Predicted: 7 or 8
Actual: 11 (uh, what? This was my highest practice score)

VR: I didn't feel good about this section, and I didn't feel bad. I knew that feeling!

Predicted: 9 or 10
Actual: 10 (my lowest practice score)

BS: I felt like I DESTROYED this section. On practice tests when I had that feeling I got an 11 or 12.

Predicted: 11-13
Actual: 10 (ouch, that one hurt)