Your UG School's Med-Admission Stats


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Sep 30, 2002
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    Here are the last year's numbers from the University of Kansas....

    *will add average MCAT/GPA when I can find it*

    Total KU applications: 1293
    KS residents: 413
    Nonres w/KS "ties" : 68
    Noresidents: 812

    Applicants interviewed: 398
    KS residents 297
    Nonres w/KS "ties": 43
    Nonres: 58

    Total Admission Offers: 240
    Early Decision: 35
    Regular Decision: 185
    Special programs: 20

    Matriculants: 175
    Early Decision: 35
    Regular Decision: 118
    Previous deferrals: 7
    Post-Bac program: 9
    Scholars in Prim Care: 4
    MD/PhD: 2
    Reapplicants: 54
    KS Residents: 153
    KS Percent: 87%
    Nonres w/KS "tie": 6
    Nonres: 16
    Male: 101
    Female: 74
    African-American: 13
    Mexican-American: 4
    Native-American: 7
    Puerto-Rican Mainland: 0
    Other Hispanic: 4
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      Originally posted by JayMiranti
      Hey everyone,

      I know that I found my undergrad school's medical school admission statistics really helpful in assessing my chances and where to apply.

      I am really curious to find how other schools are doing, Heres a link to my schools statistics, post one for your's....

      wow, rochester takes a lot of their own (duh)


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      Oct 17, 2003
        Yeah they do, but keep in mind that many of those guys (especially at the top) were in the REMS program, committing them to Rochester before they even entered as undergrads.

        Besides people in this program, Ive actually found that its hard to get into the med school from the undergrad in a lot of cases.

        Hope u guys find that helpful, any similar links appreciated
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