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Account Issues

I want to delete my SDN forums account.

If you no longer wish to be a member of Student Doctor Network, you are able to delete your account, which removes your personal information, such as your email address, from the SDN servers.

Deleting your account does NOT remove any posts that you have made. You can use the Edit button under your posts to delete your content.

  1. Navigate to Delete Account page
  2. Enter password (you must confirm login to prevent fraud)
  3. Select checkbox and "Confirm Deletion" button.

Your account will be automatically removed in seven days.

I want to know why I was banned from the forums.

Forum membership may be banned at the discretion of SDN. Here are common reasons for members to be banned:

DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR: Trolling and spamming interfere with the operation of our nonprofit site. Those who troll or spam are trespassing on our network. SDN will take any and all legal and technical remedies to prevent trolling and spamming of our network. Don’t let a moment of disinhibition permanently impact your career.

SPAM: SDN is a nonprofit organization that promotes open discussion among students and doctors. It is not operated as a free service for promotion of your site, product or service. SDN does not allow ads in your signature, ‘stealth’ marketing, etc. These are quickly reported by our members and will result in banning and possibly blocking of the site/product/service’s name from the SDN Forums. (Blocked URLs may be redirected to SDN’s Site). If you wish to benefit our membership while promoting your organization, see the information about participating on the site as a Business or Commercial Member.

Please see the SDN Terms of Service for additional information.

I want to recover my password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by visiting the login screen and selecting “Forgot my password.” Enter your email and follow the instructions to reset your password.

I want to gain access to the Practicing Physicians forum.

To gain access to the Practicing Physicians forum, you will need to become verified as a physician. As a verified source of information, students will look to you as a source of honest and accurate advice.

How Do I Get the Upgrade?

Create a thread in the Account Help Desk forum with a subject of "Doctor Verification" and tag @WingedScapula.

  • We require a work or hospital email address
  • We may require additional information such as a copy of your license
  • One of our staff members will contact you via email at that address for confirmation
  • Your account will be upgraded upon confirmation

Please note, we value the integrity of your personal information. It is only viewable by a team member who has executed a non-disclosure agreement.

Who's Eligible

Available to doctors (practicing, non-practicing, academic or non-academic) in the following fields:

  • Medicine (MD / DO)
  • Dentistry (DDS / DMD)
  • Audiology (AuD)
  • Occupational Therapy (OTD)
  • Optometry (OD)
  • Pharmacy (PharmD)
  • Podiatric Medicine (DPM)
  • Psychology (PhD / PsyD)
  • Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Account Upgrade Features

  • Verified Doctor Badge added to account
  • Boolean searching
  • Largest PM box (capacity 2000)
  • Largest signature
  • Largest avatar (175 x 175)
  • Animated images in avatar and signature
  • Biggest upload capacity
  • Ability to delete own posts
  • Ability to delete own threads
  • No Forum Sponsor ads


SDN's privacy policy is available here. This is a secure server. Your email and personal information are not shared with third-parties; information provided is for verification only and is not linked to your forums account.

I want to change my member name.

You can submit a request for a name change using the following process:

  1. Navigate to the Account Details page.
  2. There will be a "Change" button next to your member name
  3. When you select the "Change" button, you will be shown a pop-up window where you can update your member name as desired.
  4. The moderator team will review and approve your name change request.

Thank you for being a member of Student Doctor Network!

Business Issues

I want to participate on the forums as a business.

SDN welcomes participation on our site by businesses that serve the pre-health and health professional community. Please note, all members, including business and professional members, must abide by the SDN Terms of Service.

Business Options

We offer several special options for businesses:

Vendor badge

We strongly recommend that all businesses identify themselves as vendors on the forum. By choosing to be transparent about your identity, you help make SDN a more trusted resource.

Vendors who are given the Vendor badge are able to post in the Advising Services & Discounts and Test Prep Services & Discounts forums. They can also use their logo as an avatar.

Identified Vendors are also able to apply to answer questions in our Confidential Consult area. Enter a help desk request if you are interested in receiving the Vendor badge. You will be required to provide your business name, address, state of incorporation, and EIN.

Please note, only Sponsors and Gold Donors are allowed to link to their businesses in their signature. Vendors are NOT allowed to link to their business in any way in their signature. Business links include links to Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc. as well as web pages for your business.

Sponsor badge

Current SDN sponsors will receive the Sponsor badge. By purchasing a sponsorship, you are helping to support SDN's nonprofit mission to create a more diverse healthcare workforce.

In addition to the Vendor benefits described above, you will receive the following as benefits of sponsorship:

  • A sponsorship banner in a forum or application
  • Ability to post a thread for your business in the Classifieds forums
  • Ability to include a link to your product or service in your forum account signature

You may view and purchase open sponsorship slots on the forums. If you have questions, please contact [email protected] for more information and support.

For more information on our business and commercial account guidelines, visit the Help Desk.

I want to sponsor the SDN forums.

By supporting SDN, you have the opportunity to reach our diverse membership, one of the largest health and pre-health student community on the web, with information about your institution, organization, products, or services.

To support SDN by becoming a forum or subforum sponsor, you can view our currently available packages.

Contact our sponsorship coordinator Carol Gregory for more information on article and interview, resource, or application solution sponsorships, or for additional help with forum sponsorships.

Please note, SDN does NOT offer sponsored posts or articles.

I want to place a classifieds ad.

The SDN Classifieds forums can be used to advertise your products and services. You can post a SINGLE advertisement thread per product or service.

Sponsors are able to post in the Classifieds. Vendors must become a Verified Member in order to post in the Classifieds. Member verification requires a $0.25 PayPal charge.

General Issues

I want to support SDN.

SDN has grown through the years because of the generous support of thousands of members and organizations. There are many ways you can support SDN, whether through monetary donations or sponsorship opportunities, to help fulfill our mission of helping students become doctors.

Donate to SDN

SDN is run by volunteers and a small team of part-time employees, supporting thousands of website visitors every day by providing free and at-cost resources to tomorrow’s healthcare professionals. From informational articles and school reviews to study plans, interview planning tools, and connection with like-minded people via the forum community, Student Doctor Network has already impacted a generation of physicians and healthcare professionals since it was founded in 1999. Now we need your help! Help ensure continued support for the next generation by donating today.

Sponsor SDN

By supporting SDN, you have the opportunity to reach our diverse membership, one of the largest health and pre-health student community on the web, with information about your institution, organization, products, or services. Learn more about our sponsorship packages.

I want to ask a question about getting into medical/dental/etc… school.

If you have a question about getting into health professional school, first search the forums to see if a similar question has already been answered by selecting the magnifying glass in the top right corner in the forums. If you don’t see a similar question that has already been answered, post your question in the appropriate forum, i.e. pre-medical, medical students, pre-dental, etc.

If you have a confidential question, you may post in the Confidential Consult forum. Your question will then be answered by verified SDN experts that serve in many different fields of medicine, including school administration. To maintain anonymity, your question is not visible to other members, only verified experts.

How do I ask a Question?

  1. First, you must be logged-in.
  2. Then ask your question in the forum (click here). Don't worry - only you and our expert team can see the thread.
  3. Wait for a response! The response will be in the private forum, but will have any personally identifying information removed before moved to the public Confidential Consult forum.

Please note the below Contact Us form is for site issues only, not advice. For advice, please follow the recommendations above.