1st year

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    What are non-hormonal methods of glucose regulation?

    Hello, I have an essay question which is "Discuss hormonal and non-hormonal mechanisms for the control of blood glucose levels". I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but if someone could let me know that would be great! :) I have a few questions about this essay: - What are...
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    How to support my SO who is having a crisis?

    My SO is a 1st year Med student and recently told me he doesn't feel like he's the Alpha in our relationship anymore. He also said he feels boring and uninteresting because he's constantly studying and is struggling to find ways to differentiate from his classmates. Im having a hard time not...
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    Study pointers for someone completely lacking study habits?

    Eyyy I'm prepping for 1st year this fall and have been really leveling with the fact that, on top of being out of school for a couple years, I really had TERRIBLE study habits in undergrad. Pretty much didn't read textbooks, crammed for exams, etc. Ended up with a solid GPA, so I never really...