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    Advice on Postponing Step 1

    Hey guys! Complete newbie to posting (but veteran lurker). I'm an IMG graduate. I was scheduled to my Step 1 in 2 weeks but my NBME scores are dismal: NBME 13 (6/13/2018): 161 NBME 17 (5/17/2018): 178 That's an increase of 17 points over 4 weeks....still failing :dead: I've come to terms with...
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    DAT in 2 months and I haven't started... Help!

    Hi there, I am scheduled to take DAT in two months and I still don't have a study plan. I need suggestions from you guys. I am currently taking 8 credits (orgo 2 and physics 2) and working on weekends. My classes will end around 20th April that will leave me with a month only. I know its...