2020 class of

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    Where to live in Erie PA

    Hello, I recently was accepted to the Erie campus of Lecom and am in the preliminary stages of looking for places to live. Can anyone recommend places or areas to avoid? I've heard the east side can be rough but I've also heard conflicting things about areas closer to the lake (North West) and...
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    Hunter College DPT Class of 2020

    Has anyone heard back from Hunter yet? I interviewed in early December and I'm just waiting for a response
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    MCPHS-Worcester Class of 2020

    I received an invitation for an interview this morning. However, the email stated that MCPHS prefers phone/skype interview. This is very convenient for me as I do not have to book a flight/hotel for the interview since I am from out of state. But I have never heard of phone/skype interview being...
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    University of Arkansas College of Pharmacy Class of 2020

    I can't let the class of 2019 have all the fun. Come say Hi if you're going to UAMS this August. While we wait for the class to be finalized, why not join the FB group? Need to find a living situation close to campus? Why not find some roommates here?