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    2CS study partner in Chicago

    Looking for a live female study partner in Chicago for the CS exam! Exam is in early September.
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    looking for SP 2CS on June 13th in Los Angeles

    I will be taking the USMLE Step 2CS on June 14th. I will be staying in a hotel near the testing center and I would love to meet up on June 13 to practice some cases. Please reach out to me if you are interested in helping me out with a last minute study session! Thanks :)
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    Step 2 CS book confusion

    Hi everyone! I was looking into Step 2 CS book resources and besides FA, I stumbled upon the Kaplan case books. However there seem to be multiple books with similar(?) cases A) "Core Cases", 3rd ed, from 2013 with 35 cases, 408 pages B) a new book called "Complex Cases", 4th ed, from 2016...