3 year program

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    4 year EM programs transitioning to 3 year

    Curious about what DO EM programs that are still 4 years in length are transitioning to 3 year. Anybody have a list? The main two I’m curious about are Lehigh valley and aria health.
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    RCH/ UC Riverside Emergency Medicine Residency Review

    Hello, Thank you to all the members from medical student to attending for making this the excellent subforum that it is: a wealth of knowledge and global EM community. I wish to start this conversation in line with the many other program-specific "residency threads" started by...
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    NYU 3 Year Med Program Rolling Admissions?

    Is there any advantage in filling out NYU's tertiary application for their 3 year program early? (e.g. do they have rolling admissions for this part of the application?)