4 month plan

  1. SantYagami

    Help with 4 month MCAT study plan

    Hey guys, I am a current Junior that is planning on taking the MCAT August 27th. My semester ends June 11th and I want to begin studying within the next couple of days as I am approaching the 4 month remaining time mark. The goal is to study as much as possible while balancing somewhat...
  2. stonefawkes

    SF MCAT 2017 4-Month Study Plan

    Attached is an MCAT study schedule I put together for myself because going into 2017 we know more about what is on the "new" MCAT and we have more study resources available. Here's the SF 4-month Study Plan--it goes from 12/17/16 to my MCAT Exam Day which is 4/22/17. Expected study time is 5-8...