1. rxboy1996

    Walgreens 401k

    Is the match only once per year at walgreens? I just joined Profit Sharing in July 2017 and I was already an employee of the company for over a year when I joined so from my understanding I am fully vested. Does anyone know when I should see the matching contributions in my account?
  2. 8

    Hospital's 401k Plan

    Just curious, during hospital orientation they had someone from an outside company talk about mutual funds being fantastic for an hour and then stated that there was no rational reason to opt out because it wouldn't effect how much you saw from your salary. In fact, they argued that you save...
  3. P

    CVS 401(k)

    I know that new pharmacists can contribute to a 401(k) three months after they start, and they are fully vested from the beginning. However, CVS doesn't begin to match until after the first year. My question is do they match your contributions for that first year or do they only start matching...
  4. H

    should I take out money from 401k during residency

    Hey guys, I'm currently a PGY-II radiology resident (making ~65k). My intern program last year put ~$4000 into our 401k account. I'm considering taking this out now because I'm probably at the at the lowest possible tax bracket in my lifetime. Even with the 10% penalty, I still project that I'll...