500 mcat

  1. shinebright

    How do I score a 500 on the MCAT? Testing in 11 days

    Hello, I am in desperate need of help. I would love detailed guidance on how I can increase my mcat score to a 500. I took a practice test about 2 months ago and scored a 482. Fast forward to now, after studying for 150 hours of content review and skill review I'm now at a 481. I don't know if...
  2. L

    Does my application make up for my 500 MCAT?

    Hi, I scored a 500 on my MCAT (I took the exam two months after graduating college while working full-time as I cannot afford to study full-time). I am willing to re-take the MCAT, but am curious about my chances of getting into medical school with my application as is. Major: Cellular &...
  3. kaymellow

    <500 MCAT Support Group

  4. F

    Scheduled for May 18 - 500 MCAT

    Hey guys, I'm scheduled to take my first MCAT on May 18th, but I took about 3 practice tests: NS 1 : 498 TPR : 483 (kept running out of time so guessed on most of the end passages in all sections) NS 2: 500 (took yesterday after memorizing Kaplan quicksheets) I honestly don't know what to do...
  5. 1

    3.0 uGPA, 3.7 Post-Bacc GPA, 500 MCAT -- Strong Clinical Exp -- NY

    NY Resident - 27 years old not URM Grades Undergrad GPA - 3.0 -- BS in Biology Post Bacc GPA - 3.7 MCAT - 500 Employment Current NYC Paramedic in 911 System -- over 7 years experience. Too many hours to count Clinical Volunteer Experience Volunteer Ambulance Corps - ~2000 Hours ER Volunteer -...