509 mcat

  1. Fishy fish

    MD applications with 508-510 MCAT: Any success stories out there?

    So I'm feeling a little discouraged about my 509 MCAT (127/124/127/131). I have a 3.88 science gpa and 3.99 cumulative. Anyone out there with similar stats? How many secondaries/interviews/acceptances did you receive relative to number of primaries submitted? I've applied to 25 MD and 6 DO...
  2. S

    4.0 GPA and 509 MCAT ... Are these schools reasonable?

    -I'm an Illinois resident -Took a gap year, full time CNA (Long-term care for profoundly disabled children) -The 4.0 is from a small/unimpressive state school -509 MCAT is skewed (127 Chem/Phys, 126 Bio, 126 CARS, 130 Psych) -B.A. in Bio and B.S in Psych -Minored in Chem and Neuroscience -2...