513 mcat

  1. A

    MD 513 MCAT and 3.85 GPA, help with finalizing list?

    Hi, I would appreciate any input on my list of schools. I currently have 30 schools and am trying to shorten it to 25. I am applying this cycle, and therefore will be taking a gap year. Stats: MCAT: 513 GPA: 3.85 for cumulative and around the same, maybe a few 0.01's lower, for...
  2. sydney1616

    3.56 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA, 513 MCAT, WAMC MD school list

  3. 2neurotic4me

    WAMC 3.8 cGPA, ~3.78 sGPA, 513 MCAT..should I wait?