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  1. L

    Shot at 520+?

    Hey everyone! I'm signed up for Jan 28th, and I wanted to get some feedback on how I was doing, and if 520+ is possible. NS Half-length: 508 (125,129,126128) AAMC Official Questions: 72% (82%, 60%, 75%, 71%) NS 3: 511 (128,125,129,129) AAMC 1: 517 (131,128,130,128) Bio 1 Q Pack: 85% That's...
  2. agileduck

    Viable Study Plan?

    Calling the advice, support, and motivation of all future doctors... I took my first "practice test" today (GS-Free) and received ~495. My goal is 520+. I'm planning on taking it January 23, 2016. I graduated in May, so all I'm doing now is studying for the MCAT (goal is 10+ hours a day, but I...