aacomas secondary essays

  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Preparing for Your AACOMAS Application? Read On!

    If you are applying to an osteopathic program, you should already know the type of student these schools are looking for: one who is concerned about other people and society in addition to being an excellent student and eager learner. But how can you ensure that your application presents these...
  2. P

    Chances to Touro - CA with these stats?

    Hi guys! I just received my secondary application for Touro-CA. AACOMAS calculated my official cgpa to be 3.27 and my MCAT score is a 507... what do you think my chances are with these stats? Is it worth it to submit the secondary? I am also a California native/ graduated from UC Davis if that...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Tips for Completing AACOMAS Secondary Applications

    Your secondaries are the last step to get you over the finish line. Looking for the best osteopathic med school admissions advice out there? Ace those AACOMAS apps by reading our osteopathic application 5 tips series – each post, another set of 5 expert tips that will help you get accepted...