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    Low GPA, high DAT? What should I do?!

    Hi, so I'm a junior at a really good school (idk if dental schools consider difficulty levels of schools), and I want to apply this upcoming cycle. Please let me know my chances or whether I should do gap year?! CGPA: 3.20 EDIT: SGPA: 2.94 (upwards trend) DAT: Overall: 20 Bio: 21 C & OC: 19...
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    Which Schools to Apply to? (Low Science GPA/Good DAT)

    I am planning on applying to dental schools for entrance in Fall 2017. I am a GA resident, so I will apply to the Dental college of Georgia. Based on my statistics, I would like advice on which out of state schools I would have the best chance at. GPA Overall GPA: 3.41 Science GPA: 3.18 BCP...