1. sharmylilla

    Being a competitive applicant after deciding on vet school late

    Just like the title says - I am not technically a non-traditional student, but because I decided on vet school late (after my undergrad) I am seriously lacking in a lot of the areas needed for competitive applicants. I did my undergrad in the UK where your courses are predetermined, so I'm...
  2. W

    What types of awards should we list?

    I am applying to MD/DO schools this year. Trying to figure out if I should include employee of the month awards in my application? Thanks!
  3. L

    PTCAS Achievements Section Question

    Hey! I had a question regarding the PTCAS Achievements section. So I've been on Dean's List for the last four years (8 semesters) of college, but I wasn't sure how to enter it on the Achievements section of the application. Do I need to put 8 separate entries entitled Dean's List or can I just...
  4. O

    Achievements and Awards? Application Q!

    Hi I apply next year and I always hear about the achievements and award section of the application process? The only awards ive really gotten is deans list.. What other awards/Achievements can you put on your application? I volunteer often as well but no awards?
  5. StinaBee

    VMCAS question: Media Coverage

    Hey guys! I am working on the grueling work of inputting all experiences/achievements since High School, and I am curious what are the opinions on including media coverage. I was in a number of local news articles for my UG research on honeybees and some other service work, but I don't know...