1. hsampy

    Acid Base Definition Mnemonic

    Lesbians Are Apt Lovers By Delicately Eating ***** Lewis Acid Accepts; Lewis Base Donates, electron pairs Butches And Dykes Buy Boy Attire Primarily Bronsted Acid Donates; Bronsted Base Accepts, Protons
  2. G

    Tracking Acidosis Retrospectively without pH values

    Figured it out
  3. T

    NS FL 1 C/P 47

    What is the relationship between Keq and Ka? I don't understand why A is the answer to this question. Thanks in advance!
  4. A

    Nextstep Full Length 2: C/P #25

    QUESTION What would be the approximate ratio of lactate to lactic acid in the final Lactated Ringer's solution after the initial preparation by student A? (Relevant passage information: pH of solution = 6.6, Kb lactate = 2.5 x 10^-11) a. 1:10 b. 1:1000 c. 100:1 d. 1000:1 <---correct answer...
  5. H

    Explanation for this Arterial blood gas?

    Hello everyone. I'd like an explanation for this ABG: It should represent a slight metabolic acidosis.. correct? in positive case, what kind of anion GAP do we have? Could you explain the possible causes of this happening, and the primary reasons of the illness? Ph 7. 34 pCo2 36 pO2 80...
  6. M

    Chemistry Clarification: hydrophobic/hydrophilic, acidic/basic, polar/nonpolar, +/- charged

    Hi! 1. I am looking for some clarification of the relationship between these concepts. hydrophobic/hydrophilic non-polar/polar negatively charged/positively charged acidic/basic I understand that a molecule can be any of the above. But I am wondering how these are related. From my current...