action potential

  1. M

    Action Potential/Myelination

    I have a sort of stupid question. I had this pretty simple question on an exam and it has been bothering me ever since. True or False: Myelination increases the speed of an action potential. Now, if the question stated, “Myelination increases the conduction speed of an action potential”, I...
  2. StrongBeliever

    What does 'stimulus artifact' mean in action potential?

    I know what a stimulus is, but what's a stimulus artifact?
  3. marcosma

    The Action Potential? (NextStep FL #4, Q21)

    The question is as follows: When an odorous molecule binds to olfactory receptors, the cell transduces the information into an electrical signal that travels to the brain for processing. Which of the following accurately describes the state of the voltage-gated channels on this cell during the...
  4. V

    Isoproterenol vs increase in extracellular Ca+2 conc

    Fellow SDNers, I wanted to ask a question on the action potential(AP), Ca+2 transient and cardiac muscle twitch is affected when we either experimentally introduce more extracellular Ca+2 or administer isoproterenol. From what I understand when you would increase the extracellular Ca+2 more...
  5. Polycherry

    How do you define ERP in slow fibres?

    In SA node and AV node, how is ERP - effective refractory period defined and how does it change with sym or psymp activation? Like its pretty clear in purkinje cells but what about these slow fibre? Considering that calcium channel transitions are time depepndent does it include phase4 (or a...