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    Will Biotech certificate help me get into med school?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if an additional biotechnology certification will help me get into medical school. I still plan on doing volunteer work, shadowing, researching, getting in the hospital, maintaining a high GPA, and a strong MCAT score. I just also have to work while I am...
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    Additional Information Secondary Question

    Hi all, I've been browsing the various threads about this "additional information" secondary question and I have a question as to what I can/should put on it. Would it be ok for me to put down work/activities updates? Like for example I just got hired as a full-time research assistant and that...
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    Orthodontic programs supplemental application stuff

    Does anyone know of any Ortho residency programs that don't require any or at least don't require much extra outside of the PASS application? I noticed 2 so far that don't seem to need anything aside from a 2x2 photo, but I was hoping someone might know of a few that don't have a lengthy...