admissions decisions

  1. Fz94

    University of Sydney CVM 2024 vs WesternU

    Hi All! Hi hope everyone has been keeping well. I am a California native, and this is my second time applying to vet school. I interviewed at KSU, WesternU, have an interview lined up at University of Illinois, and have been put on waitlist for University of Florida interview. I also got...
  2. blacco

    Why do some schools stop interviewing in Dec/Jan?

    If you end up offering few early acceptances and keep most applicants on the waitlist as traffic day approaches, why stop early? At least if you continue through March, you might expect that students who aren't interested (because they have a preferable acceptance elsewhere) would decline the...
  3. K

    DPT Admissions Decisions

    Hey everyone. I recently just graduated from USF in the Fall of 2015, and have applied to PT schools for Fall 2016. Here are my stats: University of South Florida, Graduated Magna Cum Laude on December 11th Major: Biomedical Sciences Minor: Psychology Cumulative GPA: 3.75 GRE: V:152, Q:153...