1. StrongBeliever

    Why does adrenaline have a small effect on ABP??

    In my book, it says, Adrenaline has less effect [I think they're comparing it to noradrenaline] on ABP due to vasoconstriction and vasodilatation of skeletal muscle arterioles and so TPR is slightly affected. It affects SBP while DBP is slightly decreased. Pulse pressure is augmented but MAP...
  2. Mao12

    Unidentified Chemical Reaction triggered at Will

    I posted this on this forum on "Allopathic" I did that by mistake due to my inexperience in this forum, however people started answering there, so I'm going to keep it there. But I will also post it here since I believe Neurology may be closer. It's more like a special ability. I have it since...