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    How do I spin my "voluntourism"?

    Long story short, I did 2.5 years at a university thinking I wanted to go to medical school but due to a lack of study skills, motivation, depression, etc. I did not have the highest GPA. Realizing that I really needed to reevaluate my priorities I took a semester (which turned into 2 years) off...
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    Malaria-resistant red blood cells for malaria patients?

    Infectious disease docs, Do you recommend transfusion / exchange transfusion of malaria-resistant RBCs for Plasmodium falciparum malaria patients (especially now that parasites are becoming drug-resistant)? Some background for those unfamiliar with malaria: Type O RBCs (universal donor...
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    Undergrad Research Topic-Medicinal Plants/Infertility

    My gen chem professor has been sent several plants from Zambia, Africa by an MD friend of his who wanted students to look into the plants' medicinal properties, specifically treating infertility. Unfortunately the plants have already been processed for research (some are in powder form). Also we...
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    Volunteering in Africa?

    Hi guys! My name is Christina and I'm an 18-year-old girl who would like to volunteer for a hospital placement in Africa for about 2 weeks. I am looking for a friend to volunteer with me, because my parents are not letting me go alone, and I need their financial support for the trip. The country...