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    Difficult decision on when to apply!

    I'm a male URM (African-American) currently about to finish a DIY post-bacc in Texas this coming Spring. I'm going to be using Texas's Academic Fresh Start (AFS) to increase my GPA before applying for all Texas MD medical schools. I've been doing this DIY program for exactly 2 years now and...
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    31 yr old Non Trad 3.0 Top 3 Ivy - 2nd Bachelor's + TX Fresh Start vs. Formal Post Bacc? Any chance?

    Not sure which forum this best belongs in, but I'll try posting it here since I am pre-MD: -- Hi fellow forumers! I'm a 31 (almost 32) yr old Non Traditional aspiring pre-med who has been lurking for awhile, getting educated on the many helpful threads, and am looking for some advice on what to...