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    Starting residency depression, need advice

    I am 1 month into my residency program, just finishing my internship. This past month has been hard, my patient load has been anywhere from 15-30 patients, many people I've talked to say "you're just starting, you need time to get used to it". I need somewhere to start. Are there any...
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    "Same rank level" on NRMP couples match algorithm - SOS

    Hello everybody! I tried looking for the answer to this everywhere could someone with information on this please help us out. The NRMP couples match video just barely touches a fact where it says couples have to be " ranked at the same rank level" to successfully match together. Me and my...
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    Medical school choice algorithm

    I've been working on a tool to help me make big life decisions, like which medical school to choose. The genesis is that I'm a lawyer (my wife is a physical therapist), and I've been thinking through possibilities for my career. Also thinking about things like where to live. Here's the website...