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    Western or UCSF

    Hi, I wanted to get some input from any dental students or alumni from these schools. The price difference will be around 50k with sf being the cheaper option. Right now, I am interested in pursuing general dentistry, but am open to specializing. My main concern is how clinically competent I...
  2. D

    New York Medical College student/alum

    I was just accepted here and would like to speak with current students/alum about their experiences. Also those in/who have gone through psychiatry residency. You can post your thoughts and opinions here but I would love to speak directly as well. Thanks!
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    MD Alumni networking

    When comparing/choosing schools, how much weight should be given to the school's alumni networking potential?
  4. K

    UM-Flint: Connecting with accepted students

    Hello, I was recently accepted off the wait-list for UM-Flint (#5 originally, if anyone is curious) and am looking to connect with UM-Flint alum and other people in my new cohort. I'm curious if there's an existing facebook group, if PT student's typically live somewhere on campus (together)...