amino acid ph zwitterion

  1. O-Block Uchiha

    Last Minute Amino Acid Help

    Hello all, my MCAT is this Thursday and I'm feeling good. One thing still befuddles me a lil. So when we're looking at an AAs charge in solution, are we looking at the pka or pI? Take Asparatate for example, it's pI is roughly 2.7 and it's pka is 4, so if a solution had a pH of 3, would it be...
  2. H

    Amino acid charge in different ph

    I have my MCAT this saturday and I am having a brain fart moment. A big one to be honest :( So for Amino Acids, I believe pka of COOH portion is around 2 and pka of -NH2 portion is around 9. For acidic condition the charge of a aliphatic amino acid (ie valine, leucine or even phenylalanine)...