anesthesia written exam

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    PASS Machine Qbank for Basic Exam

    I've exhausted TrueLearn for the Basic Exam (remember most of the questions from when I took the ITE) so I was wondering if anyone else was using the PASS Machine Qbank. It seems more "basic" than TrueLearn at times but everyone says TrueLearn is the best (at least at my program). Am I wasting...
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    Anesthesiology Board Exams

    Hi there, I am a practicing board certified anesthesiologist just out of fellowship in the States. I am planning to take the Canadian boards to allow for some career location flexibility as I have a significant other in Canada. After reading the Royal College's website and...
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    Advertisement Canadian Royal College Anesthesiology Exam Prep for Written (MCQ + SAQ) & Oral

    Hello, If you are a IMG looking to write the Canadian Royal College exam for ANESTHESIOLOGY, and are looking for help in preparation for written and oral exam components please feel free to contact me at [email protected] The pass rate for Canadian residents is typically higher...
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    For Sale Anesthesiology Part 1 Exam Pass Machine Materials

    Anesthesiology Part 1 Exam study materials for sale. The Pass Machine - have both the 2013 and 2014 editions. Some highlighting and writing throughout but not super cluttered. PM me if interested.