anki card review interval

  1. MateoGM416

    Anki scheduling/intervals for cards (block curriculum)

    Hello, I know this forum is kind of dead but if anyone is lurking and willing to share some wisdom about using Anki I would appreciate it. So I just started OMS-I at a program with a block curriculum. I did above-average on the first exam by watching osmosis videos before lectures, going to the...
  2. TommieDoc22

    MD & DO Advice using Anki for Step 1 Prep

    I know this is may be a very individual-based question, but I would appreciate any help/advice! I'm an MS2 and I've only started using Anki about two months ago - my goal is to get through most of Zanki (32,281 cards) by mid-April as I prepare for my Step 1 in mid-June. I've seen about 5,000...
  3. A

    Best Anki Settings?

    If there is anyone in undergrad that uses Anki, what settings do you have them under? Do you guys put a cap on your reviews? Because online and in medical school, people say they don't cap them. Want to get your perspective
  4. Kevinsong

    Technology Anki card review interval change in ipad

    Does anyone know how to adjust the review interval in anki card? Some of my cards has 1 min, 15 days, and 3.5 months... but, I like to have the interval to be 10 min, 1 day, and 10 days.... How do I change the setting. Easy instruction will be very appreciated since I am very new in using anki