anki card review interval

  1. MateoGM416

    Anki scheduling/intervals for cards (block curriculum)

    Hello, I know this forum is kind of dead but if anyone is lurking and willing to share some wisdom about using Anki I would appreciate it. So I just started OMS-I at a program with a block curriculum. I did above-average on the first exam by watching osmosis videos before lectures, going to the...
  2. TommieDoc22

    MD & DO Advice using Anki for Step 1 Prep

    I know this is may be a very individual-based question, but I would appreciate any help/advice! I'm an MS2 and I've only started using Anki about two months ago - my goal is to get through most of Zanki (32,281 cards) by mid-April as I prepare for my Step 1 in mid-June. I've seen about 5,000...
  3. C


  4. Kevinsong

    Technology Anki card review interval change in ipad

    Does anyone know how to adjust the review interval in anki card? Some of my cards has 1 min, 15 days, and 3.5 months... but, I like to have the interval to be 10 min, 1 day, and 10 days.... How do I change the setting. Easy instruction will be very appreciated since I am very new in using anki