aoa accreditation

  1. O

    USMLE and COMLEX Merger Implications Updates?

    I was wondering if there are any updates on how the merger will be affecting the applicants and the pre clinical students taking examinations. I understand that traditionally osteopathic students have always traditionally took both USMLE and COMLEX to stay competitive. But is there any talk of...
  2. HopefulDoc91

    Provisionally accredited schools

    I know these schools have provisional accreditation: ACOM ARCOM BCOM CUSOM LUCOM MUCOM UIWSOM Is there a disadvantage to attending these schools? Am I risking going to a school that won't be accredited when I graduate if I am accepted to one of these schools? Just trying to decide if they are...
  3. T

    DO Medical Geneticist

    Do Medical Genetics fellowships admit DO's that trained in an AOA accredited residency rather than an ACGME accredited residency? I've recently accepted a position in Family Medicine with a residency program that will soon have pre-accreditation status in ACGME but is unlikely to be fully...