application 2023

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    Diversity Essay Ideas

    I have three ideas for the diversity secondary essay prompt, and I can't decide on which one to run with: 1. I moved from Korea when I was 11 to a Deep South state and lived in a mostly white suburban area, with almost no other Korean families. The sudden shift from a ethnically homogeneous...
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    AMCAS Not allowing me to submit for verification with all sections complete only missing one LOR

    My AMCAS Application doesn't allow me to submit it for verification and the submit button is greyed out saying that all sections need to be complete however all my application sections are green with a complete next to them along with all my transcripts being received. The only thing I am...
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    Paramedic applying 2024 cycle with Biology B.S. (3.1), Physiology M.S. (3.7), MCAT 507

    Applying 2024 cycle and I‘m concerned paramedic program academics would hinder my application. I complete the program in June 2023 and will be accredited an associates degree along with my paramedic ALS certification with a gpa approx 3.2. Though nowhere near as rigorous as my pervious schooling...
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    Direct admission into Endodontics residency possible? should I apply?

    Hi, I am currently a DS3 in dental school, and I am wondering if it is worth trying to apply to Endo Residency this upcoming cycle. If I am top 15%, have research experience, have leadership positions, and a part of various professional orgs, work... do I have a chance? Where I am lacking is...