1. P

    Challenges of ASD when working with patients

    As a medical student with mild ASD (when I was first diagnoses, Asperger's was still its own thing), I have some advantages and some disadvantages. The calm, data driven thought process I have is useful in understanding the science of medicine, but my difficulty in reading social cues makes...
  2. singasongofjoy

    ROTC / military service and ASD/Aspergers disclosure?

    Anyone know if disclosing a diagnosis of Aspergers necessarily excludes you from college ROTC and/or later military service? I'm providing an intervention in a local high school to individuals on the ASD spectrum and one of them is in the process of applying to colleges. He's also long been...
  3. cheerfulstudent

    Quick Question (definition)

    Hi, I'm currently writing my very first critique of a psychological research paper. I keep coming across the phrase "functional neural correlates" and I'm not fully certain I understand what this means relative to the material I'm analyzing. If the researchers are aiming to examine the...