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    Non-traditional Medical school route help!

    Hello, I am a 2016 graduate with a degree in Communication Disorders. I have applied to Audiology programs twice now,and both times I have been waitlisted to the schools I applied to,and later rejected. One school told me,to my face,to considered a career path change..and so I terms of a...
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    How to select an AuD program?

    Hi everyone. This fall, I will begin applying to grad school for admission into an AuD program. I have already begun narrowing down my search for which schools to apply to, but I am definitely struggling. For those of you who are currently in or about to begin an AuD program, where did you...
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    Am I competitive enough for my reach schools?

    I am studying Communication Disorders and going to be a senior. Right now I have a 3.40 GPA, this summer if I take 2 classes and make As, by the time I apply I will have a 3.50 GPA. I hear and read a lot of things that make me think I NEED a 3.5+ to even get into the schools I want (UT, UT...