1. luke ghouti

    University of Queensland Dentistry 2019 Cycle

    Hello, I'm a second-year (undergraduate) Medical Sciences student from Canada with a current cGPA of 3.73/4.0. I've applied to UoQ's Bachelor of Dental Science which is equivalent to Canada's DDS. Has anyone else applied for this cycle? If so, please do comment below! Best, Luke
  2. S

    US Engaged to AUS

    Hi all, I am a US citizen who applied to medical schools in AUS as an international student. I am currently engaged to an Aussie and I was wondering if anyone on this forum had personal experience switching from an international to a domestic student. I was planning on attending school as a fee...
  3. P

    Do I need to repeat my internship?

    I am an Australian citizen that is currently studying medicine in Turkey. My final year will be a paid internship in EM, Paeds, IM, Surgery, and OBGyn before I can get my diploma. If I decide to come back to Australia and take the standard pathway would I have to redo an internship for the ' 12...