1. D

    Looking for Indian MDs who have moved to Australia to interview for website

    Gday! I write a blog called Doctors Down Under designed for med students, Drs in training, IMGS etc. from all around the world interested in moving to Australia. I also post accounts of IMGS who have already made the move. I am looking for other real life accounts to put on the website (anon)...
  2. D

    Which Australian and Irish schools to apply to

    I am wondering if Australian or Irish med schools would be good for me. If so, which Australian and Irish schools should I apply to? Do they require ECFMG? I want to do residency and practice in the US. I have a 3.3O, a 3.4S, and a 494 MCAT. I applied DO and have been denied by some and still...
  3. rockxangel666

    Austalian National Veterinary Examination

    Hey! is there anyone who has done Australian NVE? Is it similar to NAVLE? Just wanted to know some real-time experience of ones who have already done it. Thanks :)