1. hachamor_persists

    Disease you wish you'd studied? (class project suggestions)

    (This is my first SDN post. If it's too far off-topic from applications which seem to dominate the conversation here, then let me know and I'll take it down ASAP!) For one of my courses we get to pair up to write a review article and do some presentations on (almost) any disease. Anyone have...
  2. Crayola227

    NYT article on autoimmune neurology

    Opinion | He Got Schizophrenia. He Got Cancer. And Then He Got Cured.

    Poly-arteritis nodosa presenting as bilateral renal infarction

    A 47yo woman presents to the GP with left sided abdominal pain that has been present for a week. No fever or other symptoms. No relevant history or medication - Contrast-enhanced CT: left renal infarction - Angiography: dissection of left renal artery The day after discharge, she presents...
  4. X

    BU vs Tufts vs Northeastern MPH

    I got accepted into all three MPH programs. Wondering what peoples thoughts are? Which one is better? I am looking to go into epidemiology...I also am hoping to do something in autoimmune disease research