1. sullen-burger

    Withdrawing all acceptances

    I've realized that even though I've succeeded at my goal to get into med school, I don't feel any different. I walk into the grocery store and nobody stops to congratulate me, the employees don't offer me discounts, and strangers don't ask what tier school I got into. Where's the respect? The...
  2. S

    MCAT ExamKracker (7th edition)

    I'm selling the whole set of ExamKrackers (7th edition). I have four books: ocher, chem, physics, bio out of the five books for a whole package. Books have no marks or writings. Brandnew. Here's my sale post of the package on ebay...
  3. ab_helsing

    Awesome Anatomy Anki deck

    So I already posted this on Reddit, but I thought I'd share here too.. Guys I'm super stoked to share my Awesome Anatomy Anki deck! I made it using Medcharts which is essentially each muscle/structure in several sets of spreadsheets. The deck has a handful of bells and whistles including...