1. L

    Back Pain and Sleep survey - Enter Drawing for one of four $25 Visa Gift Cards

    We are two medical students conducting a research study and invite you to participate in a study about sleep and lower back pain. We also invite you to enter a drawing for a chance of one of four $25 visa gift cards. This study will take less than 5 minutes and all responses are collected...
  2. Cheezy89

    Anyone else experienced this in school?!

    I know this PT forum discussed serious topics but I wanted to share how funny things have been after I learn about the spine in 4 weeks. Currently learning about the hip, knee and ankle and it has been 3 weeks. One more week to go before final exam!
  3. YellowTurtle

    Physical toll of the OR - recommendations?

    I'm a second year and I have been going back and forth whether I want to do surgery. When I'm in the OR, for the first 2ish hours I'm really enjoying it, but then my feet and back start a terrible aching. Around hour 3/4 I'm dying to sit down, but have to stand through the pain. I also get...